Modern-day darts game has come a long way from wood slices to electronic and LED illuminated dartboard games.  Though the basic rules and measurements remain the same the electronic revolution had made the game of warriors a household one in America. From being placed in each and every pub across America darts game has become more famous in every home.  Along with furniture, a darts board has become the need and symbol of culture and bravery.  With the electronic revolution in the last century, the dart boards from wood have redefined themselves electronically.  The 7 best electronic dart boards 2018 are the clear proof of darts game going electronic and modern.

  • Wood to electronic :

      At the time of the invention of dart game as a time killer in war times, it was the felled wood with natural circles and a visible center serving as the radials and the bulls eye to the warriors to play their favorite time pass game.  The measurements remain the same but the board has gone electronic.

  • Fancy French darts :

      Like the dart  board darts were also of wood in war times till the 1970s.  The famous French darts with colorful feathers wrapped around the one end of the dart are a visual treat when it hits the bulls eye.  It is a memory of hitting the bulls eye with those colorful darts not to be forgotten by many all their lifetime.  The darts have become metallic and plastic according to the needs.

     Metals of various compositions from brass to nickel and steel are the order of the day.  Also, darts to suit the needs of the different kind of dart boards like electronic, magnetic and much more..  Darts with the soft tips for kids are used to increase the awareness and enjoyment of darts game to the next generation.

  • WDF Dutch open darts tournament 2018 :

     The world darts federation has just concluded the Dutch opens darts tournament 2018 on 4th  February with much fanfare and excitement The WDF cups, prize money and the skill of thousands of participants and the media viewership details along with the tons of thousands of spectators portrays the growing influence of darts game across the world.

    Darts and dart boards going electronic with 7 best electronic dart boards [2018] the best of the rest could make darts game a more dynamic one.

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