The 3 Best Keyword Research Tools on the World Wide Web

Keywords play a crucial role to increase your site traffic and SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). You might have figured out that finding the right keywords isn’t as easy as it might seem, a lot of time and research will help you hit the bull’s eye.

Make your life hassle-free with free and paid tools that will help you get the job done at little or no cost. A whole lot of research keywords tool available in the market makes it difficult to choose just the right one you’re looking for to increase your site’s traffic.

Here’s a list of the best keyword research tools to make your life hassle-free:

  1. The all-time popular Google Keyword Planner

You might have come across a lot of keyword research tools that can get the job done for you, but there’s a reason why Google Keyword Planner is the most popular and widely used tool today. Google Keyword Planner is FREE unlike most keyword research tools that demand a nominal cost to use the service.

Google Keyword Planner is directly linked to Google AdWords; it provides a lot of information to optimize your content to please the largest search engine, Google. However, it will not give any information about how your keyword or site is performing on other search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, and much more.

The 3 Best Keyword Research Tools on the World Wide Web

  1. Keyword Tool ideal for all the search engine keyword research

It has a treasure of information to determine your keywords; it also makes use of Google autocomplete information and creates a list of long-tail keyword suggestions. Keyword Tool is a must when you just have Google Keyword Planner as your only resort, and the Keyword Planner will not provide the long-tail keywords that Keyword Tool captures.

You can enjoy the benefits of Keyword Tool without any fee till you reach the 750+ keyword suggestion mark, after which, you must pay for the service provided. Keyword Tool provides more information to optimize your keywords for other search engines, like YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and App Store.

  1. KWFinder does a lot more than finding keywords

It has a great interface to find the right long-tail keyword; furthermore, it provides you the search volume, cost per click (CPC), and the difficulty level of the resultant keyword. KWFinder provides that extra edge of information apart from the difficulty level of your keywords, like a page’s social shares, backlink, and traffic.

You can even optimize your keywords depending on geographic area, or customize your keyword search results by city, state, or country. It’s suggested that you consider all these dimensions before choosing your keywords.

Go beyond the keyword tools

Keywords indeed play a crucial role in digital marketing; you can choose a keyword tool from the aforementioned list or the one that suits you best. However, it will not be ideal to stop with the data provided by the research keywords tool. Don’t be shy to look for other tools, like SEMrush, which does a lot more than keyword suggestion.


A step forward to build literate India

A step forward to build literate India

There has been many surveys and analysis on India and finally said that India is a land of mix people where the illiteracy is greater than those of literate people, but those were long ago back since during the 19th century. Now, when India steps in the 20th century there has been reforms and law passed to improve the level of standard living and making people a social animal. In this regard the main reform or we can say the main  amendment was the 86th Constitution Amendment Act of 2002 which laid:

  • The insertion of new article 21A under the article 21 of the constitution i.e. Right to life and Personal liberty. According to the Art. 21A, “Right to Education: which means that the state shall provide free and compulsory to all children of the age of Six and Fourteen in such manner as the state may, by law, determine.
  • Substitution of Article 45 under article 21A which means that the provision of early childhood care and education to children below the age of six years.
  • To amend the Art. 51A which says that it shall be the obligation of the parents to provide education to their children.

A step forward to build literate India

The article passed and enacted by law on 1st April 2010 which made that the RTE is a fundamental right except in the state of J&K. But the right made that it is essential for the state as well as the center to provide free and elementary education to children. In this regard, there has been many controversies and has many reforms to protect the legacy and decency of the RTE. As the year passed, we show that providing free and compulsory education is not enough because the lack of hygienic food and nutrition to the children dragging them towards work so that they earn money to meet their basic needs. Hence, in order to eliminate such pursuit government introduce two reforms under Ministry of Women and Child Development and Ministry Human Resource Development i.e. Midday meal and Aganbadi Kendra both are interrelated to each other where:

  • Midday Meal provide wholesome nutrients and proteins support to children; increase the school enrollment from Std. 1 to 8 under NFSA 2013 (National Food Security Act)
  • Aganbadi Kendra established to provide employment to rural people and food to children who are going to study in school.
  • ICDS (Integrated Child Development Service) under MWCD to provide and improve the health and nutrition level of poor children below 6 years; improve care and nutrition level on girls and women.

All the above reform and acts are interrelated to each other and hence helps in boosting the educational level among poor children. The program was the successfully launched by the government in more than 50 regionally remote areas, but it saw some criticism in the past three financial years where the department mainly the HRD department which saw some serious cut off in the financial bill where it said that:

  • The share of wages paid to Anganwadi staff will be in the ratio of 60:40
  • The fund allocated by the central government to improve the RTE in all standard was 10,000 crore still lower than 25 percent as compared to past three years financial bill.

The government is still in the dubious stage because the fund which was located in this department might not reach in the form of the actual  amount. The main reason behind this is the corruption and malicious practices performed by the intermediaries. Thus, the government must do something to control this, not to cut off the rates in the bill, if any cutoff needs to be done then don’t affect the HRD department.



Great health is a secret of each gladman. It is the noteworthy gift. There is a well-known saying, ‘Health is Wealth’. Health is a condition of complete physical, social and mental prosperity and not simply the absence of disease or ailment. Good wellbeing involves great concern, to look after it, solid living and a disciplined lifestyle is an unquestionable requirement. Great well being, nonetheless, add to the enthusiastic prosperity and bliss of a man. Consumption of sound and nutritious food helps us to keep up great wellbeing and limit any wellbeing related issues.

Increased motivation and energy with higher intake of fruits and leafy vegetables

Fruits and leafy vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet; however their advantages are not constrained to physical well being. A new research finds that increased utilization of fruits and vegetables may enhance mental prosperity in less than 2 weeks. Dr. Tamlin Conner, study leader of the Department of Psychology at Otago University in New Zealand, and partners found that youngsters who were given additional fruits and vegetables every day for 2 weeks encountered a lift in inspiration and imperativeness.


Eating fruits and vegetables boosts psychological wellness

As a major aspect of a healthy diet, fruits and leafy vegetables can help lessen the danger of obesity, coronary illness, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and a few sorts of cancer. As of late, studies have recommended that fruits and vegetables may likewise enhance psychological wellness.

The specialists enlisted 171 students who are aged between 18 and 25 to their review, and they were separated into three groups for 14 days. First group proceeded with their ordinary eating pattern; the other group was personally given two extra servings of fruits and vegetables every day, while the rest of the group was given prepaid vouchers and got content suggestions to consume more leafy foods.


The specialists found that members who personally got additional fruits and vegetables consumed a large portion of these items over the 2 weeks, and it was this group that experience improvement in mental prosperity. Specifically, these members showed changes in essentialness, inspiration, and flourishing. The other two groups demonstrated no enhancements in mental prosperity over the 2-week time frame. Moreover, no changes were found in the symptoms of saddening and uneasiness in any of the groups. According to Department of Agriculture United States adults ought to consume around two measures of fruits and a few measures of vegetables daily.

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