Hi and welcome to my website.  My name is Beth and I have a lifelong appreciation for art.  Growing up as a child my father was an artist.  He was incredibly skilled in many ares; drawing, painting, especially water colors, but his favorite and his master pieces were often pottery.  He loved to make pots day after day on his wheel.  He would invite me to participate but art didn’t come naturally to me as a young child.  I was mistaken into thinking great art was the result of some hidden talent when after years of watching my dad I eventually learned that often times great art is a direct result of hard work.  Somewhere in there talent is included by my dad was yes an artist, but his work ethic was less a charismatic artist or more of  a blue collar steel worker.  He would grind daily in his craft.

As I grew up, he would consistently invite me to join him, but I unfortunately would resist in fear that my “masterpiece” would look more like a piece of trash than something to show or share with others.  It wasn’t until later in life when my dad developed carpal tunnel and was physically forced to walk away from his beloved pottery that I finally took up the craft.  In the beginning my skills were horrendous but just as my dad told me over time I improved.  By no means am I personally a world class artist, but I have developed a taste and an appreciation for art from various artist from all over the world.  This blog is dedicated to sharing some of my favorite art pieces, and also to serve as a place where I can expand upon my writing abilities and develop that skills as well.  more than anything, my father taught me that hard work and perseverance can reap huge rewards.