7 Tips for Writing an Awesome SEO Friendly Blog Post

Just like any other writing, blog post creation also involves a lot of skill. You should write appealing texts and create amazing contents to keep your readers intact. Titles, headings, and subheadings are a great way of organizing your content for easy understanding. You should have a good theme and your content must be visually appealing for people to read through it. Of course, if your content is good they will share, like, link, and tweet about your post, making it popular.

Here are a few free tips for coming up with awesome contents that can make your blog post go viral:

  1. Think before you write!

You can’t simply go about writing everything that you want. The contents in your blog must be appealing and give your readers something to keep going. Think hard about what you want to convey to the readers. Understand the purpose of your blog, make use of user feedbacks, and keep improving your blog post everyday.

7 Tips for Writing an Awesome SEO Friendly Blog Post

  1. Give your blog post a structure

Your blog post must have a good structure so that it’s easy to understand and looks visually pleasing. It should have a title followed by a good introduction, some headings and subheadings that gives detailed description of your article, and then a conclusion. Making use of keywords in header and Meta description tags will boost your blog post.

  1. Make use of signal words

Signal words are nothing but a few highlighted words that help people skim through your post and understand the main idea. Some people wouldn’t want to read your blog post until they are sure that the content is worth a read. Using signal words, like ‘finally’, ’first of all’, ’indeed’, and more you can easily guide your readers to the important sections in your article.

  1. Get feedback for your article

Before posting your article on the blog, let some people read it first. You can ask some well-known blogger from your contact, a genuine blog reader, or even an SEO expert to read through your post. Ask them if the main concept of the article is understandable and other suggestions and reviews. Analyze if you can incorporate valid changes if required.

  1. Optimize your article’s length

You can’t simply write 100-200 word content and call it a blog post. Make sure your article has a minimum of 400-500 words so that it has a good introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Google likes if your articles are long, but don’t scare away your readers with extremely lengthy posts. Optimize your articles for an average word count of 750-1000 words.


  1. Make sure you link your contents

You can link your articles to a previous article of yours or its appropriate websites. This will make your blog post stronger and readers will also get redirected on the right path. If you’re writing about SEO and keyword research, you can link your article to some of your related earlier posts or other useful external links.

  1. Blog regularly

This is the real secret behind a successful blog. Never stop blogging, always post contents regularly so that your readers will look forward to the next content and keep visiting your blog often. That’s it, you’re all set to rock with SEO friendly blogging!

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